Zhongshan City, a new safety valve starter device came out by experts

Zhongshan Changqing Gas Valve Co., Ltd. developed the "gas stove safety valve force device" passed the appraisal committee recently identified experts. Experts believe that the results of the formation of products at the leading domestic level of similar products. "Gas cooker safety valve force device" through the use of cam-driven push rod and the front of the compensation spring, the role of the solenoid valve on the force play a buffer role, to ensure top stroke solenoid valve stroke and force evenly, reducing the electromagnetic Valve damage. The use of powder metallurgy cam processing, improve the cam accuracy and wear resistance, help to improve the life of the safety valve. This valve is added to the gas stove on the life, safety, there is a big improvement. The expert of the accreditation committee listened to the summary report of the technical work of Evergreen Company on the achievement, examined other relevant technical documents, viewed the samples, queried, defended and discussed, and the accreditation committee unanimously agreed that the achievement passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal and suggested further Improve the product line model to meet the diverse needs of the market.