What is the advantage of the sweeper?

In the past, we were all human-cleaning roads. However, with the development of the economy, the cleanliness of roads is basically based on sweepers. Many people think that sweepers are not only expensive to purchase, but also prone to machine malfunctions during use. Many of the more remote corners are not well cleaned, and there is no clean manpower. Moreover, the post-maintenance equipment is very expensive after the machine is damaged. , so why should we use a sweeper instead of human cleaning?


   After a long period of research, the cleaning system of the sweeper has been gradually improved. The sweeping efficiency of an ordinary sweeper is 6-40 times that of a manpower cleaner. Cleaning the road with a sweeper can save time and costs. Reduce the workload of cleaning staff.


   Human cleaning can only clean the visible substances on the road surface, and it cannot clean dust and harmful micro particles in the air. At present, most sweepers use air flow as the main cleaning method. They can not only clean the rubbish on the road, etc. It can also inhale the dust and micro-particles inside the air, improve the surrounding air environment, and reduce the probability of smog.


   The efficiency of human cleaning is very low, and people will be very tired after a long period of work, which will seriously affect the working efficiency. The sweeper will not have this kind of situation. The same area of ​​the operating environment, the cleaning efficiency of the sweeper is far Far above the human cleanliness.


   Although the purchase cost of the sweeper is relatively expensive, and the maintenance cost after the failure is also very expensive, in the long run, the cleaning cost of the sweeper is far lower than the cost of labor. After the sweeper is purchased, the care is mostly paid attention to. The probability of failure is also relatively low.


   There are many vehicles on the road, and the safety awareness of the general cleaners is not strong. However, using the sweeper to clean can make the cleaners in a safe environment. At the same time, the use of cleaners in the sweeper is more uniform and there will be no cleaning effect. One phenomenon.

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