Wet zinc smelting process flow chart

Wet zinc smelting process flow diagram

Stop valve is usually used for or connecting the medium flow and is not recommended for throttling.

The maximum permissible leakage of the Stop Valve with non-metal elastic seals is zero, and that of the stop valve with meal seals is 0.1xDNmm3/s. Therefore, acceptable stop valves with metal seals possibly have slight leakage. Hence, in the applications where there must not be any leakage,especially at the pipeline ends,stop valves with soft seals should be used,and shutoff valves with metal seals should not be used.

Nominal Pressure of Brass Stop Valve is 1.6MPa. Medium temperature for metal seal is -20℃~150℃, and medium temperature for non-metal elastic seal is -20℃~120℃. When the stop valve is used for saturated steam, the pressure of the saturated steam should be ≤0.6MPa.

Stop Valve

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