Wastewater treatment concept

The solid suspended matter in the water and various substances dissolved in the water are separated and removed to achieve the prescribed discharge standard. At the same time, the separated substances from the sewage are treated reasonably or comprehensively recycled.

The development of the automotive industry is ephemeral in an unpredictable direction, but whether it is from steam engines to fuel engines to electric vehicles, safety and high speed are the direction pursued by car manufacturers all over the world. The stable output of power is inseparable from the engine or motor. Working at suitable temperatures, water radiators and Intercooler and motor cold plate heat exchanger are all areas of design and production that we are good at. The water radiators we produce can be divided into two structures, plate-fin structure and tube fin structure. The most professional radiators are customized according to the customer's engine parameters, and the intercooler for high pressure and high temperature is designed according to the turbocharged engine design.


Automotive Heat Exchanger

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