Use of fog suppressor for dust suppression vehicle

The size of the water spray sprayed by the fog gun machine can be adjusted, and it can be atomized into a water mist and blow away with the wind, and it will not cause a "he mud" state on the ground. The smaller the water mist, the easier it is to adsorb fine particles, and it consumes less water per hour. It is more water-efficient than the high-pressure gun of the sprinkler, which perfectly achieves the function of dust reduction and suppression.


Fog gun machine has eight advantages: strong wind, environmental protection, long range, cold rolled steel plate, 350 ° arbitrarily adjustable, efficient dust removal, full fog induction, and one-button remote control. Application in different fields: dust removal in construction sites, dust reduction in coal yards, dust reduction in green areas, urban cooling, large farms, factory pollution, etc. The docking dust monitoring system, the linkage of the fog cannon, the dust removal effect is remarkable, and there are various choices of manual and automatic control modes.


The water is atomized into particles equivalent to the size of the dust by high pressure. Under the action of the fan, the water mist is thrown into the distance and sprayed on or above the dust source. The coverage area is large, the dust removal effect is good, and the water quality is low. The recovered water such as rainwater can be directly used, thereby greatly reducing the input cost. Fast spraying speed, large flow, uniform mist particles, no leakage when hooked, anti-freezing and thawing, intuitive display of spray flow and liquid level, user-friendly operation design, manual remote control compatible, can also be operated in the cab, can also be operated in the cab Remote control operation outside the car, safe, reliable, flexible and convenient to use.


Because of the above functions and uses of fog cannons, multifunctional dust suppression trucks with fog cannons are widely used in open-air material storage yards, coal logistics parks, open-pit mining, open-air blasting dust, closed discharge areas, and truck discharge. Dust pollution control of loading and unloading of dump trucks, working dust of large loading trucks, coastal port shipments, transshipment of coal, ore, bulk powder handling, etc. Local dust control during operation, road dust pollution control during heavy-duty vehicle transportation; dust reduction, temperature reduction and disinfection for airfields, highways, stations, terminals, public places, sports venues, hot venues, etc. With the increase of people's environmental protection intentions, the government's increased requirements for improving environmental quality and protecting a beautiful ecological environment have also stimulated the explosive growth of sales of multifunctional dust suppression vehicles. If you are interested in this kind of product, please consult to buy fog gun machine and multi-function dust suppression vehicle.

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