The future trend and development trend of the advantages of the pedestrian channel gate

Pedestrian passage gates have developed rapidly in recent years and are becoming more and more intelligent, and have become a major trend in the security access control industry. At present, Yuming Electromechanical Technology makes the following analysis on the prospects, future trends and development trends of the pedestrian channel gate industry:
1. Most of the pedestrian access gates are now a combination of manual management and equipment management to improve the management area for effective management. It mainly utilizes the flexibility of manual management and the intelligent features of intelligent equipment, which enables enterprises to transform from a completely manual management method to a combination of manual management and equipment management, which greatly improves work efficiency and strengthens use. The company's awareness of safety management has enhanced safety management.
2. In the future, with the increase of labor costs, people's consideration of cost, the combination of manual management and intelligent equipment will gradually be replaced by free visitor terminals, realizing unmanned and efficient management, self-service visitor terminals can be The self-service is provided to the visiting personnel, and the visiting personnel selects the company to be visited according to the prompt of the touch screen, and enters the personal information of the visitor according to the prompt. The system calls the reception desk of the visited company according to the pre-configured way to make a voice call or IP video call. After the confirmed company confirms the identity of the visitor, the confirmation order is input, and the self-service visitor terminal spits out the visitor card to complete the visitor registration process. .
3. With the improvement of visual aesthetics, people will have higher requirements in the appearance of the channel gate equipment. In the increasingly fierce competition environment of the entrance and exit control system, it is believed that there will be more beautiful and practical, powerful. The technologically advanced pedestrian passage gate products are on the market, bringing people a new and intelligent technology experience.
Shanghai Yuming Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The company has been dedicated to the development, integration and application of channel gate system, access control system and ticket management system for many years. With years of experience accumulation and continuous technological innovation, we provide customers with reasonable intelligent attendance, access control, consumption, ticket management channel system solutions, construction of yiliu system engineering, quality after-sales service and strict training mechanism to ensure the system Long-term, continuous and stable operation.
Over the years, the company has specialized in three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, translation gates, speed gates, high-turn gates, barrier-free access, access control, and consumer systems. It has gradually improved the combination of human witnesses, face recognition, and magnetic cards. , IC / ID card, bar code, card machine, card machine, ticket machine series of products integration, combined with the industry's front-end technology and the rich experience of technical personnel, self-developed design, processing and production of mature and advanced intelligence Channel application system, customized hardware products and software products for customers.

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