Single mother is suffering from cancer and persists in taking care of her daughter

Single mother and mother suffering from cancer persisted to take care of the disease daughter diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-31

Xiao Hao didn't grab the seat and the mother slammed him hard.
Passengers fail to take the initiative to give seats
Sina microblogging @ write their own story of the cloud: just on the 520 bus, I heard a mother in the number of their own son on the train did not grab the seat! He kept saying that the passengers were very sympathetic when they saw the children. A passenger also took the initiative to give up the seat. The result was also said by the mother... I really don’t know how good the people are. Children's training is silly...
At noon the day before yesterday, Miss Lei, the blogger, took bus 520 to Jianghan Road. When we arrived at Guotzkou Station on Qintai Avenue, we came up with a mother and son, my mother was in her 30s and her son was 78 years old. Due to the large number of people on this station, only two or three empty seats left in the car were suddenly occupied. The mother and son had to stand beside the back door, which made her mother greatly dissatisfied. When the car hadn't touched her, she began to count down her son: "It's been so early and I can't even grab a seat. It's a 'cockroach'. To mention so many things, I have to stand all the way!"
The mother's voice was particularly loud. All the people on the road listened to her and taught her son. The little boy looked down and could not answer with his head down. After walking the road for a short stop, a middle-aged uncle who was sitting next to him could not hear it and took the initiative to propose seats. Unexpectedly, the mother actually said, "This is not your management. I am training my own son."
Miss Lei said that at the time, there were many people in the car and there was no normal seat. The way parents taught their children was uncomfortable.
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