Shield pump parts processing technology

The advantages of shielded electric pump is obvious, it not only low noise, no leakage, stable operation, and long service life, maintenance-free. However, it brings people to enjoy the same time we have to see it there are still some drawbacks: due to shielded motor, shielding sleeve loss is large, so affect the efficiency of the motor, so there are shortcomings in energy conservation. At present, some manufacturers through long-term exploration, development, the use of scientific concepts to shield energy-saving pump technology research, the energy efficiency of the motor to do the effectiveness of stability testing, and strive to solve the loss in the shortest time, the motor efficiency is low And other issues. The company's pipeline shielding pump, in the design and development of innovative energy-saving aspects, and how to control product quality has the following characteristics may be able to provide some reference to peers. 1. For the pressurized parts in the assembly, must be strictly through the water (gas) pressure test, such as bearing, pump body, the base are playing 1.5Mpa / 3min without leakage, after passing the test in order to continue Process installation. In particular, the base, the People's Motor Factory as a result of machining base, not for parts of the hydraulic test, hydraulic assembly test is difficult to find a short period of time after the problem, therefore, after long-term use of the pump and found that due to seat screw holes Slight stomata cause micro-leaks. Problems like this, we can detect problems with hydrostatic tests on individual parts, and do not flow into the next process. 2. The balance of the impeller is very crucial to the vibration and noise of the pump. Some enterprises only balance the impeller. In order to improve the quality of the products, we take the correction and balance of the impeller. Its single-sided unbalance weight tolerance must be controlled at 2 grams or less, so as to ensure that the impeller balance rotation, but also reduce the impeller due to imbalance caused by vibration, while reducing noise, reducing radial force, extending the bearing The service life. In addition, the imbalance of the impeller to heavy, we use a smooth transition of the impeller surface turning to weight removal, the purpose is to reduce the vortex, reduce hydraulic losses and improve water efficiency. 3. We not only consider the inherent quality of shielded electric pump, but also for the pump installation of the external structure has been improved, the original installation of electric pump at the bottom of the through-hole is circular, so cement stool mounting holes play a slight deviation, It is difficult to align the screw with the through hole. This has brought inconvenience to the installation, we have improved this, with a half circle instead of circular, so there is left and right clearance, no worries to install it. 4. Electric pump transmission medium temperature ≤ 95 ℃, motor winding resistance using H-class magnet wire, it can guarantee the high temperature of 220 ℃. 5. Due to the low electromagnetic loss of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, high motor efficiency and low electromagnetic noise, we use cold-rolled silicon steel sheet for the stator and rotor iron core. 6. Graphite bearings are silent pump design of the main components, but also control the heart of the rotating part of the bearing is related to the quality and reliability of the use of pump life. The graphite bearing we choose is epoxy-impregnated M104H type, which is proved by practice. The hardness of graphite bearing is hard and wear resistance is strong. 7. For the rotor I use the factory dynamic balance correction, under strict process control, we control the rotor unbalance weight below 1.5 grams in order to ensure that the pump balance and reduce the amount of bearing wear and tear to extend the service life of the pump. 8. Must have a high-quality inspection team, for finishing the size of each channel, only the mouth of the dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerances are strictly related to the control within the allowable tolerance to self-test, the first inspection, the entire inspection of a set of tests System to test norms to ensure the assembly of the pump concentricity, verticality, low noise and other installation requirements to ensure the quality of the product installation. 9. In order to prevent the impeller from corroding, we have chrome-plated the front and back rings of the impeller to keep the impeller in good working condition in long-term operation. 10. We have a complete set of pump performance testing equipment, pumps before the factory, each must conduct a performance test for the test failed products will not be shipped to the factory, which is responsible for the majority of users, but also responsible for the reputation of my business. Adopted a series of strict and scientific control and check on the pipeline pump technology, the safety, durability and reliability of the shielded pump are fully guaranteed and its use is further enhanced life.