Shaanxi Steam developed the first domestic pure electric harbor tractor

On the occasion of the National Day, the SX4186ZG331N pure electric harbor tractor developed by Shanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially launched in the trial production plant of the institute. In the development process of this vehicle, the leaders of the Institute strictly planned and carefully organized; the technical personnel of the Development Management Department, Special Vehicle Research Institute and trial production plant made joint efforts to start from the analysis of user needs and carried out a large amount of research work, which lasted two years .

The SX4186ZG331N pure electric harbor tractor is a brand-new product created by Shaanqi Company in response to the environmental protection needs and transportation characteristics of ports and terminals, and is the first example of the domestic auto industry combining pure electric technology and heavy truck technology for the first time.

The port tractor is a special type of heavy truck transportation equipment suitable for cargo transportation in port yards. It has the characteristics of short transportation distance, fixed operating range, low speed and heavy load, and continuous operation. In recent years, with the rapid increase of port cargo flow and the large number of vehicles, automobile emissions have seriously affected the port environment. Short-term, low-speed and frequent-starting transport features have caused high energy consumption and ports are facing enormous pressure for “energy conservation and emission reduction”. Creating a "green port", improving efficiency, and reducing consumption are the future development trends. At the end of 2007, the Research Institute of Special Vehicles began to plan the product. At the beginning, the technical personnel proposed a solution that adopted natural gas as fuel. After analysis and coordination of users and the government, Shanghai could not meet the requirements of the gas station; With the pure electric (including pure battery and pure capacitor) program, and then from the port of transport conditions, transportation management and other links, several times to the port for field inspection analysis, through a lot of detailed calculations, working conditions simulation, and ultimately determined the pure Capacitor solution. In May 2008, the Institute of Special Vehicles started the study of the pure-capacitor program, from the research and determination of professional companies to the formulation of the complete vehicle program, the matching analysis of the power system, the research of the power transmission scheme, and the completion of product design and approval through mid-July 2009. At the end of August, trial production began at the pilot plant. The on-site service of the Academy's designers and the heads of relevant units was successfully completed in mid-September. During the product development process, the designers have solved the vehicle matching and calculation, vehicle layout, vehicle control, vehicle electronics, super capacitor box and bracket design, electrical cabinet design and electrical component layout, electric brake and electric steering. , Electric air conditioning and other technical problems. In order to reduce technical risks and save research and development expenses, the project adopted a cooperative development model and signed a cooperative development agreement with the motor and super capacitor suppliers. This alone saved the company nearly RMB 1 million in development costs.

The SX4186ZG331N electric car uses 50 sets of super capacitors as the power source. The pure electric design driven by a high-power motor has the advantages of large starting torque, high speed accuracy, high system efficiency, and easy maintenance, achieving zero emission, no pollution, and low noise. It is estimated that the use cost will be reduced by about 1/3 compared to the conventional diesel engine, the average speed will be maintained at 20-30 km/h, and the maximum speed may reach 40 km/h. The cab highlights the humanized and safe design, providing the driver with a comfortable and safe working environment. Because of its own characteristics, restrictions on charging conditions, and the need for transportation conditions, these products are mainly used for the transportation of flat roads in a small area.

At present, among the companies that own and implement this technology at home and abroad, Shaanxi Automobile is still the first company. The development of the vehicle is of great significance for reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and establishing environmentally friendly and conservation-oriented ports. It is a wise move that closely follows the development trend of car energy conservation and environmental protection. The market demand for electric vehicles is mainly reflected in the terminals. Because it is a new environmental protection and energy saving project, the market prospect of electric vehicles is bright.

It is reported that this electric wagon will soon undergo a full range of inspections at the Shanghai Wharf and debut at the Shanghai Terminal for the first time.

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