Seasonal maintenance of road sweepers is more important than usual maintenance

The warmer temperatures report us that Long Dong has gone and spring is coming. In the clear spring of all things, people need to mediate, and garbage sweepers need to be maintained to keep up with the new season. But it is this seasonal maintenance that is often overlooked by trash sweeper drivers. In particular, the "car owners" who don't use cars, only remember to maintain their mileage, but they don't know that the "garden check" of the actual garbage sweeper is even more intense.

Beijing Borui Lexus Head of After-sales service Li Weifeng tips garbage sweeper drivers, the difference in seasonal maintenance content difference in the season difference, although not every season to go to the service station to do in-depth maintenance, but the spring and autumn maintenance is very tense In other words, bid farewell to winter and the upcoming winter season maintenance is not neglected.

For the health of the car, maintenance during the fall winter is essential. Especially in the north, when the temperature changes greatly, it is necessary to go to the service station to carry out an in-depth inspection of the garbage sweeper before entering the winter, exchange the three-filtration and anti-freeze lubricants, battery liquid, glass water, etc., and give the garbage sweeper a process of conformity. .

For the health of the occupants of the sweeping vehicle, spring maintenance is the most intense. However, it is precisely this item that is often overlooked by trash sweeper drivers. A number of service stations reported that after the sale, some serious people reported that when they entered the winter, many garbage sweeper drivers in urban areas were given store inspection sweepers and held seasonal maintenance, but the number of people inspected in spring was much less.

An FAW liberation service station's maintenance of the old sweeping vehicle's master prompts the garbage sweeper driver that the spring maintenance needs to keep the water tank and the condenser clean, and thoroughly clean up the dust accumulated in the winter to ensure the normal operation of the sweeper's engine and air conditioning. incident. In addition, the spring is the season of the forging ahead. When driving on a long-distance driving tour, some garbage sweepers have the opportunity to deliberately use water to cool the brakes of the sweeping vehicle after running at a high speed, which will cause damage to the brake equipment. This should be paid special attention.

An after-sale maintenance supervisor at a Shanghai Road Sweeper Service Station reported that although the spring test program is much less than when it was in the fall, it is also indispensable, especially for flushing the air conditioner, and it is directly related to the interior of the sweeper. The health of the staff.

Nicholas also showed that compared with the performance of the sweeper, garbage sweeper drivers should be more considerate of their own health. “After a winter, a lot of dust accumulates in the evaporation box and the ventilation pipe, and the temperature rises in the spring. , more easily reproduce bacteria, so that the spring air conditioning is essential, and very nervous."

In short, in order to personally and family health, trash sweeper drivers must pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the garbage sweeper in the spring.

The master of the old sweeping car prompts the garbage sweeper driver to be lazy if he has just entered the spring and refuses to immediately go to the service station for detection. He must also thoroughly clean the sweeper inside and outside before operating the air conditioner in summer frequency. . Because of spring catkins, poplar trees, dust, etc., the city has accumulated a certain degree of accumulation in the air-conditioning system. If you do not want to eat a mouthful of ash for the first time, you will quickly become accustomed to "air-conditioning disease," and quickly move on. Let's do a spring checkup on the garbage sweeper.

Actually, the garbage sweeper drivers do not have to worry about the detection of the spring sweeping vehicles, but they do not have to feel distressed because most sweeper truck manufacturers in the city regularly provide free sweeper roll-off tests, as long as they take care of the service stations. You can easily change seasons.

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