Roots pump features and uses what

Roots vacuum pump (Roots pump) is a rotary varactor vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump according to the different scope of work, is divided into straight row of atmospheric vacuum Roots pump, vacuum Roots pump (also known as mechanical booster pump) and high vacuum multistage Roots pump. Now to talk about the Roots pump features and uses.

First, the Roots pump features

In the wider pressure range has a larger pumping speed;

Insensitive to the dust and water vapor contained in the evacuated gas;

Rotor does not have to be lubricated, no oil in the pump chamber;

Small vibration, rotor balancing conditions are good, there is no exhaust valve;

Low speed, high efficiency, small size, large flow, low power consumption, self-absorption ability, no oil, easy to use and so on.

Second, Roots pump use

Can be widely used in transportation of petroleum and petroleum products (gasoline pump for copper leaf) and the factory to convey a variety of oils and liquids. Such as crude oil, paint, lubricants, glass plastic, oleic acid, toothpaste and light alkaline (soap processing) liquid; food processing can transport a variety of liquids such as bean paste, soy milk, syrup and so on. Loading and unloading all kinds of tankers and tanker speed, high efficiency, easy to use, can be positive and negative work.

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