Put 10 billion yuan in funds to accelerate the speed of three key Beiqi projects

Recently, Xu Heyi, chairman of Beijing Auto Holding Co., Ltd., accepted an interview with reporters on issues such as advancing the group strategy and playing a pillar role in high-end industries. Xu Heyi said that Beijing Auto Holding will invest 10 billion yuan in funds next year to accelerate the construction of key projects.

In recent days, the central government has made major decisions, invested 4 trillion yuan for basic construction, and promoted rapid and steady economic development.

According to the deployment of the Central Government, the Beijing Municipal Government has introduced an investment of 150 billion yuan to stimulate domestic demand and promote industrial upgrading. Xu Heyi told reporters that the Beijing auto industry must actively respond to the call of the Central Government and Beijing Municipality to quickly formulate concrete measures and measures. Beijing Auto will invest 10 billion yuan in the beginning of the year and early next year, accelerating the joint venture between Foton and Mercedes-Benz heavy truck, Cummins Engine and its own brand. Passenger car R & D and manufacture of three key projects to accelerate the real construction of the Beijing auto industry into the high-end pillar industries of the capital economy.

It is understood that the joint production of heavy-duty truck engines by Beiqi Foton and Daimler Benz is currently the largest and highest-tech commercial vehicle joint venture in China. It will not only establish a technology center in Beijing, but also join hands with Mercedes-Benz in Russia, India, and Brazil. Branch office. Xu Heyi said that by the end of this year, it will complete joint venture negotiations with Mercedes-Benz, and will complete the government's approval in the first half of next year and formally begin construction in the second half of the year. In addition to commercial vehicles, it also produces 12L heavy-duty diesel engines, which will fill the gap in the Chinese market.

“The cooperation between Beiqi Foton and Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. is also accelerating. It is expected that it will be put into production in April-May next year and will become a major highlight of Beiqi’s economic growth.” Xu Heyi told reporters that the research and development base of Beiqi Research Institute has been built, The construction of independent brand powertrains and the construction of manufacturing plants must also be strengthened. In 2010, Beijing will officially launch its own-brand sedan.

In addition to commercial vehicles, Beijing Automotive must also strengthen cooperation with the two existing German Mercedes-Benz and South Korea's Hyundai cooperative partners, broaden cooperation areas, accelerate the pace of introducing new products, and allow more and better products to settle in Beijing. Next year, Beijing Benz will introduce two new Mercedes-Benz E-class products. Beijing Hyundai will also have 2-3 new products to meet the requirements of market segments and continuously increase the market share of Beijing Automotive.

With the rising oil prices, Beijing Automotive will focus on the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles and electric vehicles. It is reported that the Beiqi Foton Euro IV Hybrid Bus has been demonstrated on the streets of Beijing and in some major cities, and may become the main model of the 1,000 "Green Label" hybrid bus fleet to be invested and established in Beijing. It will drive on Chang'an Avenue. And on the main street of Beijing. In addition, Beijing Auto will also need to increase its efforts to open up the rural market. Xu He-yi believes that Beijing's existing automotive products have greater advantages in the rural market and a higher market share. In the coming period, the potential for rural market development will be huge. Beijing auto products will certainly have a lot to do in the rural market.

According to Xu Heyi, Beijing Automotive's overall industrial development goal is: By the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the company will form an annual production capacity of more than 2 million vehicles, and will realize production and sales of 1.8 million units in the same year; sales revenue will reach 200 billion yuan, and market share. Close to 15%; profits of 5 billion yuan; exports of 3 billion US dollars; and strive to enter the world's top 500. On this basis, Beijing Automotive plans to achieve a new goal of planning a capacity of 3 million vehicles in the "12th Five-Year Plan."

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