Progress in Research on Fast Drying and Hardening of "Clay Man Zhang"

According to the relevant departments in Tianjin, the research achievements of Zhang Jiansu's crackless rapid hardening forming of the clay scientist Zhang Tiansu from Tianjin University have made important progress, and the drying and hardening process of the “Tao Zhang” has been reduced from about 7 days to 3 days. Although the hardening time is shortened, it can still ensure that the traditional craftsmanship of Tianjin is well-produced and has a combination of shapes and shapes, which greatly improves the production efficiency of pure handcrafted “Tao Zhang”.

According to the person in charge of the "Talent Zhang" color plastic studio, the materials used in the clay figurine clay clay are pure clay with low sediment content and no impurities. Its characteristics are strong adhesion, but it cannot be quickly dried. If ordinary heating and rapid drying are used to reduce the production cycle, bursts, deformations, etc. may occur.

The research results of Tianjin University have solved this problem. The first is the addition of a condensate component to the clay, which fixes the free water in the clay and can be dried and hardened at room temperature for a shorter period of time to increase the drying and hardening rate of the "Tar Man Zhang". And adding ingredients will not have an adverse effect on the human body. The second is the use of advanced drying and sintering processes that effectively solve the problem of deformation and cracking during processing.

It is understood that the project results have shortened the production cycle of the entire work and reduced the cost. The person in charge of "The Clay Man Zhang" told the author that the selling price of the product will also be reduced by 20% to 30% accordingly. This will further promote the role of the "Dudeman Zhang" product and enhance the "Taeker Zhang" brand value both at home and abroad. The competitiveness and influence.

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