Passenger Ou Security: Basic Laser Optic Detector

Perimeter safety has always been a matter of great concern to the people. On the road of perimeter protection, all products are further innovated, and passenger security is also making progress. In recent years, the hot laser detectors are gradually deepening. People's heart. The basic laser intrusion detector is a member of the passenger-European perimeter perimeter alarm series. After years of continuous innovation and improvement, the technology is continuously upgraded and innovated, the product performance is stable, and combined with the application characteristics of various industries to form a systematic system solution. . Shanghai Keou Security has always adhered to the corporate mission of “making users more secure and making society safer”, based on the perimeter alarm and continuous innovation.
Laser beam detector - passenger security
The appearance of the guest- type security laser detector has greatly compensated for the shortcomings of the traditional perimeter alarm protection system, and better meets the application requirements of perimeter protection. With stable and reliable product quality and high-quality and meticulous service, we have won high recognition from customers and the community. And gradually formed the unique advantages of the product:
1. Stable and long-lasting: Independent research and development of laser module technology, original optical path self-locking function to ensure stable operation of equipment.
2, accurate zero false positives: original PWM laser light source modulation technology, detection distance, penetration, can adapt to rain, fog, frost, snow, sand and other bad weather.
3, no light source pollution: CLASSI class one safety level, harmless to the human body.
4, IP67 protection grade: aluminum alloy shell is fully sealed dustproof, waterproof, insect proof, tamper-proof design, environmental adaptability is stronger.
5, easy maintenance: free of disassembly design, laser tube plug-in installation, you can directly replace without removing the shell.
客欧安防-laser beam detector
6, multi-speed response adjustment: alarm response time five adjustable, suitable for a variety of application environments, to meet a variety of alarm needs;
7. Anti-glare interference: The receiving end adopts professional narrow-band filter + band-pass filtering technology to effectively filter out 99% of stray light in the boundary, and is not affected by sunlight, searchlights, car glare and other light sources.
8, long-lasting life: the use of imported German semiconductor laser, light source pulse coding, constant power control, service life of up to 10 years;
With the continuous optimization and upgrading of the intrusion detector combined with the market application, the market prospect and product application are more and more extensive, which is highly praised by engineers and users. Moreover, the products are becoming more and more intelligent and convenient. From the initial single working mode to the current multiple working modes, it is better to adapt to various usage environments. Moreover, there are multiple response times that can be adjusted, and the response time can be adjusted according to the needs of the user on site, which is better for a variety of occasions.
客欧安防-laser beam detector
In addition, the customer's laser injecting intrusion detector re-compatibility is also very strong, compatible with most of the alarm host on the market, and can be linked with some linkage modules to drive sirens, sirens and even cameras. This perfect combination makes the perimeter alarm intrusion technology more intelligent, convenient and user-friendly. It has been widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, railway transportation, parking lots, airport aprons, power substations, and border guard posts.

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