Lanzhou made Asia's first helicopter hoisting rig

It has created countless “National First” Lanzhou equipment manufacturing industry, and once again created the world's third and Asia's first ideal drilling rig. On September 16, when the Lanzhou rig first appeared in front of equipment manufacturing experts, they couldn't help but admire. According to reports, the helicopter hoisting rig will arrive in Papua New Guinea soon, and the second will be put into production.
As the largest oil drilling and refining equipment production base in China, Lanzhou Petrochemical General Factory has undertaken many national-level and ministerial-level major equipment manufacturing and manufacturing tasks. In December 2000, Lanshi Group's oil drilling rig manufacturing department and the United States National Oil Well Oil Well International Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Lanzhou Lanshi National Oil Well Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.; Refining and Chemical Equipment Manufacturing and Thermal Processing Department has established a joint venture with China Huarong Production Management Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Lanshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.; The group company has 11 wholly-owned/holding subsidiaries and 8 branch companies (production plants). The company's Lanshi Import and Export Company has independent import and export rights, and some products are sold to the United States, Japan, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates. Countries and regions.
Lanzhou's first helicopter hoisting rig was produced by Lanshi National Oil Well Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. Joint venture company. In mid-April this year, the rig base was successfully lifted and performed in the well site. The rig is suitable for tropical jungle climate and rainforest climate. It has a small footprint and can be quickly installed. It protects the ground vegetation during use. According to the person in charge of the company, the rig of a plane hoisting is configured at more than 17 million US dollars. The overall design is the Lanshi Group, and the instrumentation is from the United States. At present, the helicopter hoisting rig is nearing completion, and the main rig will also speed up the overall progress, and enter the finishing stage after completing the derrick, base and top drive. Today, the Lanzhou rig, the third in the world and the first in Asia, will be shipped to Papua New Guinea.

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