LANXESS brings world-class R&D centers to China

In 2007, it was a commemorative year for the technical experts of LANXESS Wuxi Chemicals Co., Ltd. - The 10th anniversary of the establishment of the largest leather chemicals research and development center of LANXESS Leather Chemicals in the Asia Pacific region in Wuxi.
This technical laboratory is very important to customers who are demanding in the Lanxess Leather Chemicals business. For a long time, LANXESS customers have trusted the advice of technical experts: because experts can understand the needs of leather manufacturers for products; they hold advanced technological methods and production experience; they have a view on the development trend of the leather market, even The understanding of fashion trends has attracted the attention and attention of customers.
With the successful completion of its first acquisition in history at the end of 2006, LANXESS has owned Dow Chemical's chrome tanning business in South Africa, obtaining a complete value chain from chrome ore to leather tanning materials, and a core position in the leather chemicals business. And the technical strength is more consolidated.
Now, in the experimental building in Wuxi, LANXESS leather experts have custom-developed a variety of personalized and innovative products to meet the different needs of customers; they can help leather manufacturers cater to environmental trends to reduce formaldehyde content in leather; they can help Customers develop waterproof leather products to enter new markets. Regardless of whether it is for a Chinese customer or an Asia-Pacific customer, the technical support provided by this R&D center shows great value.
LANXESS has noticed that with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, customers in various fields are increasingly demanding personalized solutions. Since LANXESS announced its “Entering Asia” in 2006, under the guidance of the Asian strategy, LANXESS is expanding its production capacity through active investment in the face of growing demand in the fast-growing Asian market, especially in the Chinese market. Huge amounts of money are spent on building new R&D institutions, strengthening research and development capabilities, and working with customers to develop solutions for new materials, new applications, and new technologies. These individually customized solutions help customers further increase their competitiveness in the market.
The worldwide development of LANXESS's engineering plastics business, especially in China, requires LANXESS to provide corresponding supporting services and comply with the growth of sales. In 2007, the LANXESS semi-crystalline product business unit opened a plastic R&D testing center in Wuxi's production base. This R&D test center, which has been invested in 2 million Euros, is the first LANXESS-based organization dedicated to plastics testing and R&D. It is equipped with the most advanced plastic testing and analysis instruments in the world, including optical performance universal testers and shocks. Instruments, rheometers, dynamic mechanical analyzers, etc. A considerable part of these devices have never been used even at the headquarters in Germany. With the increasing application of engineering plastics in the automotive and electronics industries, Wuxi's R&D and testing center assists customers in developing the most innovative applications in order to provide customers with the best testing services.
The R&D and testing center in Wuxi will also work closely with the product development department at the German production base to network and exchange information through the laboratory information management system so that test work and results can be exchanged directly and quickly. At this year's Chinaplas show, LANXESS announced plans to invest millions of euros in the establishment of a rubber research center in Qingdao, China's rubber industrial center. Shortly after the announcement of this plan, the LANXESS butadiene rubber business unit also announced that it has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute to use the advantages of the Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute to develop LANXESS high-performance BD for Chinese users. Rubber and soluble polybutadiene rubber grades for personalized applications.
Up to now, LANXESS invested heavily in China to build and under construction research institutes involving butyl rubber, industrial rubber, semi-crystalline products, and leather chemicals. These achievements reflect LANXESS's high regard for Chinese users and its long-term commitment to common development with customers. It also lays a solid foundation for LANXESS's rapid development in China and Asia.

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