Kobelco builds the machine to explore the secret of "LOWER"!

“LOWER” not only can firmly support the “work device” and “upper rotating body”, but also ensure that the body can run smoothly on uneven soil and gravel ground. Unknown hero.

Unlike the digging force, speed, etc. of the excavator, the performance of the lower body cannot be expressed by intuitive data. Let us listen to the R&D staff's requirements for the R&D and design of the vehicle body. Let's explore the secrets of the vehicle body to maintain the operation of the excavator.

Kobelco Construction Machinery "LOWER"

The pursuit of LOWER - "inconspicuous"

For LOWER, it is necessary to support the upper frame and the ground. Therefore, it needs to have excellent durability and stability, and it is especially important to work in a harsh environment for a long time. Because of this, LOWER pursues "inconspicuous".

What is inconspicuous, in general, is to prevent failure, and it does not feel its existence. The smaller the sound and vibration during driving, the better, avoiding unnecessary shock, allowing the operator to operate the machine with peace of mind and stability.

Kobelco Construction Machinery "LOWER"

If the LOWER is so damaged, what are the consequences? Not only will the huge excavator not walk properly, it will cause inconvenience to the construction progress, and even the repair work will be extremely difficult.

It is conceivable that LOWER is an important component that cannot be damaged, both for excavator operators and maintenance personnel. Therefore, it can be used for smooth running on uneven ground and durable under the natural loss of long-term high-load operation. It is the goal that every R&D staff of R&D strives to pursue day and night.

Kobelco Construction Machinery "LOWER"

Keep your quality simple while maintaining a clean structure

For the Kobelco hydraulic excavator, the important point that is well received by users is the “walking ability”. Especially when the left and right crawler belts reversely operate to achieve the in-situ turn of the excavator, or only the one side of the pivot turn, the sensitivity and stability of the operation are obtained. Fully embodied. With the increase of the self-weight of the excavator, Kobelco builds the machine through the balance between the horsepower of the engine and the travel motor and the traction force, and finally achieves the reputation of “the limit of direction change”.

In addition, a certain angle is set on the upper part of the crawler bracket; under the upper roller, a hole in which the soil falls is provided, so that the soil is not easy to accumulate and is easier to clean, so as to prevent the load wheel oil seal from being blocked by the soil. Breakage and other failures occur. On the basis of the simple structure, in order to meet the needs of on-site construction and constantly improve, this is the dedication of Kobelco to LOWER. (This article comes from Kobelco Construction Machinery)

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