Jiangling distinguished commercial vehicle

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Product Overview [1] Jiangling distinguished commercial vehicle is produced by Jiangxi Jiangling Motor Group Co., Ltd. Jiangling distinguished commercial vehicle currently has exclusive version, classic version, fashion version of the three major models!

Product Interior [1] Product Interior Drawing

Product Layout [1] Product Layout

Refrigerant For Data Center Server

As we all know, many servers, storage devices, network devices and so on in the data center are running for 24 hours, and they emit huge heat at the same time. Using conventional cooling and air conditioning system to cool down not only increases the energy consumption of the whole data center, but also increases the cost accordingly. Therefore, how to cool the data Center at low cost has always been a hot topic. In the past, mineral oil cooling systems and seawater cooling were used, if you don't have a good geographic location like Google, and ebay's the "non-mainstream" way of cooling hot water. The use of fluoride will be the first choise to you, future development trend of data center cooling is the fluoride solution. The use of low-cost and efficient cooling methods will play an active role in reducing costs, saving energy consumption and improving the utilization of energy in data center. If you happen to need a solution in this area, please contact us by email.

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