Iveco will accelerate the distribution of China's heavy truck market

Following Iveco’s launch of the Iveco Bodi series of high-end light passengers and Yuejin Oka products at its Nanjing base earlier this year, its heavy-duty truck base in Hongyan has also recently introduced new PowerTech and T-class typhoon heavy-duty trucks. The overall development trend from the car to the heavy vehicle sector. The new Pow er Tech and T Pa series products are improved by Iveco using its advanced European heavy-duty truck technology from various perspectives such as cab and powertrain.

At the 6th China Automotive Industry Forum 2008 recently held, Lu Wei, Director of Corporate Development at Iveco China Office, presented the title of “Focus on the Commercial Vehicle Industry: Iveco in China” on behalf of Wan Weiyi, General Manager of Iveco China Office. Speech on Sustainable Development Strategy. He said in his speech: “At present, despite the impact of the international financial crisis, the sales of China’s commercial vehicle market are not very satisfactory, but we believe that this impact is only temporary, and Iveco is still very optimistic about the future development of China’s commercial vehicle market. Lu Hao said that in 2012 the overall commercial vehicle market in China will climb to 3.5 million vehicles with an annual growth rate of approximately 15.2%. From 2012 to 2015, it will maintain a steady growth trend, with an annual growth rate of approximately 7%, and will achieve a scale of 4.3 million vehicles in 2012.

He clearly stated: "In the face of such a potential commercial vehicle market, we will also actively promote China's priority strategy to achieve faster development in the Chinese market. Take Power Tech as an example, this product is equipped with Iveco's advanced Cursor 9 engine and Stralis cab body, combined with the original vehicle chassis platform built in China, has undergone some transformations according to the special needs of the Chinese market, and can achieve the country's three standard emissions, in terms of power, operability, safety, comfort and cost, etc. With strong performance, we believe this product will be welcomed by Chinese consumers."

In the speech, Director Lu Yong also specifically emphasized the importance of “sustainable development” and stated that Iveco will realize its strategy of sustainable development in China in terms of personnel and products. In terms of personnel, in order to cultivate more outstanding local leaders, Iveco launched a project named "Common Future Road (CFW)". Since the start of the project in September 2006, it has trained a number of senior managers and Excellent engineering and technical personnel promoted the smooth development of its joint venture business; in terms of products, Iveco will actively introduce advanced energy-saving and emission reduction technologies in Europe. According to reports, the products of its joint venture companies have successfully reached the national standard and become the vanguard of energy saving and emission reduction in their respective market segments.

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