Independent innovation into the key to the development of drying equipment

“In the past, China’s drying equipment industry relied heavily on imports, or simply imitated foreign equipment. Today, a large number of drying equipment companies such as Shandong Tianli, Tianhuayuan, Changzhou Fanqun and Changzhou have emerged. The drying equipment products they developed have received industry Widely praised." On July 30, at the first annual industry conference of the Drying Equipment Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association held in Beijing, Huang Wei, president of China General Machinery Industry Association, said that enhancing the capacity of independent innovation is the development of China's drying equipment industry. The most important thing is to focus on solving the problem of innovation ability. Developing products with independent intellectual property rights, improving product quality and improving product structure are the key to achieving high-quality development in the industry.

Challenge is greater than opportunity

Huang Wei summarized the national economic operation, energy production situation and economic operation of the machinery industry in the first half of 2019. She said that in the first five months of this year, the added value of China's machinery industry showed a downward trend of low-speed growth, with a year-on-year growth of 4.4%; the growth rate of sales revenue continued to slow down, the main income was 8.57 trillion yuan, and the profit was 477 billion yuan. The decline was 9.94%, the economic benefits were declining, and the foreign trade situation was not optimistic.

"With the construction of China's large-scale refining and chemical integration project, natural gas supply and maintenance equipment, LNG receiving station, gas storage/reservoir, etc., as well as the country's continuous improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, China's drying equipment industry still has certain However, the various problems in reality have restricted the development of the drying equipment industry.” Huang Wei said that some enterprises have too large production area, overcapacity of processing equipment, serious repeated construction sites, and similar product development, resulting in overcapacity in the industry. Unordered bidding, * low-price bidding phenomenon is worrying, resulting in product quality is difficult to guarantee, enterprises lack of development stamina; unapproved first-build, multi-angle debt and other phenomena * widespread, lack of commercial reputation among enterprises, enterprises and financial institutions, business environment Further worsened.

For example, she said that there is still some resistance in the localization of equipment. For example, localization has not yet become a social consensus. Many enterprises directly refuse to purchase domestically produced equipment because of the first set of unreliable reasons, but they have to cover up the imported equipment with problems. It is difficult to get inclusive if there is a problem with domestic equipment.

Independent innovation is the key

"Independent innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for the survival of the industry, and it is also the top priority of the industry." Huang Wei told reporters that the current independent innovation capability of the drying equipment industry is insufficient, and the independent innovation products are lacking. It still exists, so the industry should focus on making up the shortcomings of innovation. It is the key to achieve high-quality development in the industry by forming synergies between enterprises and developing products with independent intellectual property rights, as well as improving product quality and improving product structure. .

According to Liu Xiangdong, head of the drying technology professional group of the China Chemical Industry Society, the total output value of China's drying equipment manufacturing industry in 2017 was 104.22 billion yuan, of which the total export value of drying equipment accounted for 3.52% of the total output value of the industry, and the total import volume accounted for 1.36%. Weak market competitiveness. He suggested that China's drying equipment industry should speed up the development of equipment safety standards, improve equipment quality, function, application adaptability and international competitiveness, and promote and implement SME information and intelligent transformation programs (such as equipment manufacturing process, key Common technology standardization, information products and services, design-manufacturing-management-marketing "Internet +" overall solution).

Innovative products such as Shandong Tianli Energy T-tube steam rotary dryer and Tianhuayuan drum pressure filter were commended. Among them, the thermal efficiency of T-tube steam rotary dryer independently developed by Shandong Tianli Energy is more than 80%, which is more than 10% higher than that of foreign drying equipment, replacing imported equipment. Compared with similar drying equipment of the same heat exchange area, the volume of the equipment is reduced by more than 40%, and the investment is saved by more than 30%; the equipment operating cost is low, the maintenance is convenient, the drying medium circulation is small, and the running power consumption is reduced by 20 compared with the conventional rotary dryer. Above %, the dry exhaust gas is less and the pollution is less. At present, the product has been recognized as a national key new product by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and won the second prize of Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress, widely used in metallurgical, chemical and other industries.

Demand for efficient and environmentally friendly equipment is urgent

Some participants said that at present, the market demand for high-efficiency environmental protection equipment is very large, especially in the field of equipment where some technologies are not mature enough to adapt to the new environmental protection standards, and domestic equipment is urgently needed to fill the gap.

Taking the oil sludge drying equipment of the chemical plant as an example, Yang Chengyu, technical manager of Sinopec Luoyang Engineering Co., Ltd., said that China's existing processing technology can not meet the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements. I hope that China's drying equipment enterprises will continue to innovate independently and develop more. More suitable for drying equipment for chemical sludge treatment in chemical plants. According to Yang Chengyu, China's petrochemical industry chemical plant water treatment plant will produce a large amount of sludge during the operation, and this sludge has been included in the National Hazardous Waste List. The petrochemical plant produces more than 5 million tons of such oily sludge every year. Most of the commissioned qualified hazardous waste treatment enterprises (mainly landfill), the average treatment cost is about 5,000 yuan / ton, which increases the operating costs of the enterprise.

It is understood that the types of traditional sludge drying treatment technologies currently used in chemical plants mainly include steam jet drying, thin layer drying, and blade drying. By borrowing municipal sludge drying treatment technology, sludge deoiling is increased. The treatment process is then carried out into a drying machine for dehydration drying. However, landfill, deoiling, and drying methods cannot meet the ever-increasing environmental requirements. Moreover, the oil sludge drying process faces many technical difficulties, such as various types of sludge and large differences in physical properties, requiring extensive treatment and equipment adaptability; oil and gas generated during the treatment process will have a safety impact on equipment operation; It is difficult to handle oily, dusty and foul-smelling tail gas produced during the drying process. Therefore, the development of a drying equipment suitable for the treatment of oily sludge in petrochemical plants, reducing the amount of sludge, reducing the amount of transportation and landfill, and reducing the cost of hazardous waste treatment, will have a wide application market.

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