HZD-B-9/HD-ST1 vibration speed transmitter

The HZD-B-9/HD-ST1 vibration speed sensor sensor is used to convert the rotating machine to a device speed sensor that is measured according to a certain law. The working principle of SGZP-1 is composed of electronic components, connection interfaces and external wires. The oscillator coil generates an alternating magnetic field on the metal surface. When the metal object approaches the active surface, the energy of the oscillator is absorbed in the metal, so that the oscillation is weakened and the vibration is stopped, and the shaping amplifier in the electronic component re-energizes the oscillator. The oscillation and stop vibration are converted into signals. Good anti-interference, can be used in harsh environments such as smoke, oil vapor, water vapor. Widely used in power plant steam turbines, fans and pumps and other measurement speed occasions.
Fault monitoring monitors the axial displacement of the rotating machine rotor.
The position (displacement) of the parametric rotor relative to the bearing pad is measured.
Rotating machinery for various types of sliding bearings. Such as steam turbines, compressors, motors, fans, pumps, etc.
Technical parameter input: Eddy current sensor, 1 signal input accuracy: Indication error 1 %, standard output 1 %
The VB-Z210 integrated axial displacement signal transmitter is used with eddy current sensors and is widely used in large rotating machinery (such as steam turbines and compressors) in the power, metallurgy, petrochemical and paper industries.
Measurement and protection control of axial displacement of motors, fans, pumps, etc.
Fault monitoring monitors the axial displacement of the rotating machine rotor.
The position (displacement) of the parametric rotor relative to the bearing pad is measured.
Unit type

HZD-B-9/HD-ST1 vibration speed transmitter

External power supply: 220V AC or 24V DC

Technical indicators:
Signal: Receive signal sensitivity of a ST series vibration speed sensor: 20mV/mm/s ± 5%
Frequency response: 5 ~ 300Hz
Range: 500μm (peak-to-peak) or 0-50.0mm/s (true RMS)
LED indication: OK green, Alert, Danger red
Measurement error: ±1% of full scale
Current output: 4-20mA active, output load ≤500Ω
Alarm point setting: 0-100% full scale, accuracy ± 1%
Alarm reset mode: automatic or manual (site reset button, remote alarm reset terminal),
Following electrical sealing: epoxy resin, node capacity DC30V/5A or 220V/5A, single pole double throw
Power-on delay: about 10 seconds
Temperature range: -25°C to +65°C during operation
-40°C to +85°C during storage
Relative humidity: up to 95%, no condensation
Dimensions: 90W × 120L × 75Hmm
Installation size: 80×90mm
Weight: about 660g

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