How washing machine works

Reading: Need to buy a washing machine, it is necessary to understand the washing machine. From the beginning of the working principle of the washing machine is the most basic understanding. In the industry, some parts are often cleaned. Because the parts vary in size and shape, they are usually loaded into a turnover box during cleaning and then placed in a cleaning device for cleaning. Cleaning the crate will often leave dirt when cleaning, affecting the next cleaning, this time when the washing machine is working.

How washing machine works

The scope of application of washing machine

Central kitchens, group food companies, vegetable distribution centers, food processing plants, chemical industry, baking industry, logistics industry, meat industry, fast food industry, aquaculture industry, aquaculture industry, horticulture industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, etc. The washing machine is the best choice for sanitary and efficient, labor-saving cleaning turnover box.

How washing machine works

There are two kinds of general cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and high pressure and high temperature water spray cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is performed by placing the tote box in an ultrasonic tank and separating the dirt from the box by the vibration of the ultrasonic waves and the impact force generated when the holes are formed. However, due to the small power of the ultrasonic waves, it often takes a long time. The time can be cleaned, so more is the use of high pressure and high temperature water cleaning.

The high-pressure and high-temperature water cleaning mainly uses the water pump to pump the heated water in the water tank into the spray pipe of the machine at a high speed, and sprays the nozzles on the spray pipe to form a high-pressure water flow spray on the turnover box through the high pressure and high temperature. The water flushes the dirt on the turnover box away from the surface of the turnover box, and various cleaning solvents can be added during the cleaning process, which can better improve the cleaning effect.

Washing machine cleaning process

The tote boxes/baskets that need to be cleaned are transported from the stainless steel chain (chain can be customized) to the washing machine, and successively pass the pre-washing stage, high pressure cleaning stage, rinsing stage, clean water cleaning stage, and air drying stage, and the baskets are cleaned and used continuously Type cleaning to improve the cleaning effect. (The cleaning stage can be customized according to customer requirements)

Pre-washing phase: cleaning the turnover box/basket with bacteria, dust, stains, etc.;

High-pressure cleaning stage: high-pressure water cleaning, thorough removal of oil and stubborn stains and achieve sterilization effect;

Rinsing stage: The stains, detergents, etc. on the turnover box/basket shall be rinsed and the boxes/baskets shall be disinfected and sterilized at the same time;

Water purification stage: The final thorough cleaning with clean water, to achieve the purpose of health, asepsis;

Air-drying stage: It can be confirmed that the customer requires an increase in the stage, and the residual moisture on the box can be cleaned by a strong air knife.

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