How to determine the best equipment selection through mineral processing

Beneficiation plant basic construction is the most basic part of the beneficiation tests, beneficiation test is to assess whether the commercial exploitation of mineral resources are the most important basis of value, it must be carried out to reduce investment risk the greatest degree of beneficiation tests research before determining the mine invest and build factories.

Through the beneficiation test, it provides a reliable basis for the design of the concentrator. Different types of ore in different regions have ever-changing properties, and the mineral processing methods, technological processes, and technical process conditions are also different. Only the mineral processing test can determine the best process.

According to the quality control process recommended by the ore dressing test, the design of the concentrator is carried out, and the most reasonable ore dressing equipment is selected to ensure that the investment in the concentrator construction is small, the speed is early and the production is up early, and the goal of achieving high indicators and low cost economic benefits is finally achieved.

According to the nature of ore, choose different mineral processing methods, select the re-election process according to the difference of mineral gravity, select the magnetic separation process according to the magnetic difference of minerals, select the flotation process according to the different floatability of minerals, and use different minerals. The conductivity selects the electro-selection process flow and the like.

Reselection device


Jig in the concentrator can be used in the metal sorting tungsten, tin, iron, manganese, gold, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, titanium and other minerals. Its main advantage is the early acquisition of coarse-grain concentrate, which reduces the over-grinding of minerals, and the large production capacity per unit area of ​​the equipment, so it is widely used in tungsten and tin beneficiation plants. The jig can be used not only in the roughing operation, but also in the selective operation, and the treatment granularity is preferably -20 to 0.2 mm. It depends on the degree of separation of beneficial mineral monomers in the ore.


The shaker is one of the main equipments of the gravity ore dressing plant. It is characterized by a high rich ore ratio of up to 100 times. It is commonly used to obtain the final concentrate and at the same time to separate the final tailings. The shaker processes the finer material more efficiently than the jig, and its suitable feed size is less than 3 mm. The disadvantage is that the floor space is large and the production capacity is low. Therefore, it is best to use the shaker to handle the coarse concentrate after the jigging sorting, the most used equipment in the tungsten-smelting plant.

Centrifugal concentrator

The centrifugal concentrator is an effective equipment for sorting the slime. The Yunnan Tin Company concentrator uses a centrifugal concentrator for roughing operations (de-sludge), and its sorting effect is very good.

Belt chute

The belt chute is the most effective equipment for sorting the slime. It is especially effective for the selection of very fine grained tin ore of 37 to 19 microns, and the recovery rate can reach over 90%. The biggest drawback is the low production capacity.

Spiral concentrator

The spiral concentrator is suitable for the treatment of alluvial sand deposits. It is especially suitable for the use of high-quality separation of useful minerals and the use of flat particles. The treatment particle size ranges from 2 to 0.05 mm, and the most effective material size is from 1 to 0.1 mm.

Heavy medium concentrator

The heavy media concentrator is suitable for the wide range of particle sizes, generally 150 to 0.3 mm. Heavy medium beneficiation conventional weighting agents magnetite, hematite, pyrite, galena, corundum and the like.

Magnetic separation equipment

Magnetic separation equipment is divided into two categories: weak magnetic field magnetic separator and strong magnetic field magnetic separator. Among them, there are two kinds of permanent magnetic poles and electromagnetic poles. CYT type permanent magnet barrel magnetic separator CYT type permanent magnet barrel magnetic separator, the average magnetic field strength is 1500 ~ 1700 Oersted. Most magnetite concentrators use the CYT series of magnetic separators.

Magnetic dehydration tank

The magnetic dewatering tank is often used in the stage grinding stage selection process as the first stage of grinding equipment after sorting. It is characterized by the ability to sort out a large number of fine tailings and to concentrate and dehydrate. Double-cylinder dry magnetic separator 2CYT permanent magnet double-cylinder dry magnetic separator is suitable for sorting -200 mesh of 20% to 50% grade ferromagnetic minerals.

The pre-magnetic, demagnetizer, and demagnetizer are auxiliary devices in the magnetic separation process. The pre-magnetic device is used for the magnetic agglomeration of fine-grained minerals to facilitate fine-grain separation and demagnetizer to destroy the magnetic agglomeration of magnetic minerals, and to avoid affecting the effective sorting of the latter stage operation.

Flotation equipment

The types of flotation machines are divided into mechanical agitation and gas-filled flotation machines. The most widely used in production are mechanical agitation and gas-filled flotation machines. The inflatable flotation column is gradually expanded due to its simple structure.

The types of flotation machines are: XJK type (A type) flotation machine, SF type flotation machine, BS-K flotation machine, CHF-X series agitated stirring flotation machine, KYF, XCF series inflatable floating type Machine selection.

Electric selection equipment

The electric separator is mostly used in the selection plant as a separation of tungsten-tin concentrate and ilmenite, black tungsten and zircon coarse concentrate. The common electric separator has φ120×1500 mm, two upper and lower barrels. Corona electrostatic composite electric field. Sorting performance is better.

Through the test, the ore dressing process is determined by the nature of the ore, and the equipment is selected according to the number of quality processes recommended by the test and the scale of the plant.

There are two spindles.Using USB port to transmit data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity, save the file completely from the computer, shut down the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve work efficiency.

XY working area


Z working area


Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Max. working speed


Max. traveling speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


Max. power consumption(without spindle)


Working voltage


Control system

DSP handset

Drive motor


Command language


Machine weight


Packaging Measure



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