Horqin vacuum dehydration fry food project started

It is understood that Inner Mongolia Tongliao Horqin District will continue to focus on promoting the development of edible fungus industry this year, has cultivated 3 million sticks of edible fungi, built a 25,000 square meters smart greenhouse. Relying on the leading companies such as the Saiwai bacteria industry and the Greenland Bacteria cultivation industry, the company focused on supporting the development of 10 edible fungus bases such as Mo Limiao, Toyota, Hongxing and Yuxin, and the cultivation area of ​​edible fungus in the whole region reached 3,000 mu. This year's new vacuum dehydration and frying vegetables project by the Saiwai Bacteria Company started construction in early May. It will be completed and put into operation in September, and will form a production capacity of 1,600 tons of freeze-dried food and 1,500 tons of dried fungi.

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