Heat transfer oil valve maintenance and maintenance

First, regular maintenance work is as follows:

1. Regularly clean the exterior of the regulator valve.

2. Regularly adjust the valve packing box and other sealing components. If necessary, replace the sealing components to maintain the sealing of the static and dynamic sealing points.

3. Regularly add lubricating oil to the parts to be lubricated.

4. Pollute and clean the air source or hydraulic filter system regularly.

5. Regularly check the connection of each connection point, corrosion, and replace the connection if necessary.

Second, the regular check valve adjustment

For those units whose predictive maintenance work has not yet been carried out, check valves should be regularly calibrated. Regular calibration work is preventive maintenance work.

According to the process of different processes, the regular check of the regulating valve should have different check cycles. The periodicity of the check valves can be determined in conjunction with the manufacturer's data. This can usually be done at the same time as the overhaul of the process. When some regulating valves are used in high pressure, high pressure drop or corrosive environments, the inspection cycle is shortened.

The content of the inspection is mainly the static performance test of the regulating valve, and if necessary, the corresponding test item may be added, such as the test of the flow characteristic of the regulating valve. Regularly check takes three, control valve maintenance on testing equipment and instruments <br> <br>

The maintenance of the valve is divided into emergency maintenance, regular maintenance and predictive maintenance. Emergency repair is when the regulating valve fails and cannot meet the process operation requirements. Regular maintenance usually includes routine maintenance and repairs that are performed concurrently with the process parking overhaul. Predictive maintenance is based on the results of predictive maintenance analysis and targeted maintenance of the relevant valve components. Emergency maintenance is the maintenance of the regulating valve after failure. Regular maintenance and predictive maintenance are the maintenance of the regulating valve before failure. Normally, the daily maintenance of the regulating valve is performed by the instrument maintenance personnel, and the regular maintenance performed at the same time as the overhaul is performed by the manufacturing technician.

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