Futian Commercial Vehicle won the first batch of Chinese famous brands

On September 11, AQSIQ and the China Famous Brand Strategy Promotion Committee jointly announced the first batch of Chinese brand names in the automotive industry. Only products from five companies, including Liberation, Dongfeng, and Futian, entered the list of cargo carriers. Foton Motors has been awarded the "China Top Brand" for heavy-duty, medium-sized, light-duty trucks and pickup trucks. The past "commercial vehicle first brand" has since become a truly "first-class commercial vehicle brand."

Harsh conditions: outstanding leadership, many participating companies were stopped

To become a Chinese brand-name product, physical quality must reach the advanced level of similar international products, be in the leading position in domestic similar products, occupy the forefront of the market in terms of market share and popularity, have a high degree of customer satisfaction, have a strong market competitiveness, and many other conditions are met at the same time. . According to the relevant person in charge of the AQSIQ, in addition to strict conditions such as quality supervision and spot checks at or above the provincial (municipality, autonomous region) level in the past three years, the "China Top Brand" also requires the competitiveness of Hengbi International, so far Only the first batch of car brands was born. In recent years, several leading enterprises represented by Futian have taken the lead in reaching advanced international standards in the field of trucks and other areas by vigorously developing truck-loading technology. For example, Fuman's Auman Heavy Trucks has also been used as a technical specimen for collection by famous German museums.

Fukuda: Quality is king, brand name lies in people's hearts

“We believe that product quality is the basis for consumer satisfaction, and consumer satisfaction is the basis for our development. Therefore, Foton Motors has spared no effort in improving product quality. It is this way that we can get national recognition and be selected as a Chinese brand name. This is Futian. The car is flawed, "said Xiangxiang Wang, Deputy General Manager of Foton Motors.

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