First set of 150,000-ton low-pressure co-alcohol plant put into operation

The reporter learned from the headquarters of the project of the synthesis ammonia urea project of Hubei Saning Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. on January 6 that the first set of 150,000 tons/year of low-pressure co-alcohol devices that have attracted the attention of the domestic coal chemical industry circles has been successfully put into production. . After more than 72 hours of continuous production, the plant currently produces 470 tons of methanol per day, operating pressure is 4.8 MPa, and the post-alcohol CO content is 1.6%. Under the current unfavorable economic situation, the successful commissioning of this device has provided a new technical path for domestic large-scale ammonia and low-pressure mono-alcohol enterprises to adjust and optimize product structure and save energy and reduce consumption.
According to reports, methanol production from synthetic ammonia is a chemical process with Chinese characteristics. Its energy-saving and consumption-reducing effect is recognized by the national nitrogen fertilizer industry, and the low-pressure methanol production process is a breakthrough in ammonia and methanol production technology in recent years. . Sanning Chemical's 150,000-ton/year low-pressure methanol plant operation results show that compared with medium and high-pressure alcohols, the amount of steam produced by ton of alcohol per ton has doubled, reaching over 24 tons/hour, and the energy consumption per ton of alcohol has been reduced. About 100 kWh. Compared with the traditional domestic medium-alcohol-alcohol devices, the cost per ton of alcohol can be reduced by more than 130 yuan, which can increase the annual benefit of the company by more than 20 million yuan.
It is understood that the complete set of equipment for this set of equipment has been provided by Nanjing Panan Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. from R&D to equipment. At present, the company has implemented this technological transformation for many small and medium-sized fertilizer companies. The low-pressure alcohol technology has a large capacity, low energy consumption, high steam quality and high output, and can play an optimal role in stabilizing synthetic ammonia production facilities. Yang Zerong, deputy general manager of Saning Chemical Company, told reporters that the use of low-alcohol alcohol technology, alcohol, eliminate the traditional copper washing process, significantly increased the methanol production capacity, both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
According to Jin Linong, a senior engineer of Lu'an company, this set of equipment adopts a number of patented technologies such as a 3400NJD floating-head methanol synthesis tower and a 2400NJ fine-filtration methanol separator with independent intellectual property rights, which better solves the shell-and-shell methanol synthesis reactor reaction. The problem of thermal expansion between the tube and the shell eliminates the potential safety hazards of welds between the shell and the upper and lower tube sheets. It has the characteristics of uniform temperature in the reaction tube, high conversion rate, stable operation, and low manufacturing cost. The floating-head methanol synthesis column can also be used in a low-pressure monoalcohol device, and methanol can be separated by mechanical techniques and membrane separation technology can be used to capture misty methanol, thereby improving the separation effect and solving the problem of separation of low-pressure methanol and methanol.

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