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This year's "Double 11" carnival has continued to see high enthusiasm for shopping, and the amount of e-commerce transactions has grown explosively.

Buy, buy, buy, send, send, send! After the carnival, it is the test of express vehicles. When users express eagerness for courier, who can escort express vehicles, how to better protect the attendance rate of express vehicles?

The answer is of course - Cummins

As an excellent global engine provider, Cummins has always been the driving force for the world's leading express transport companies. Of course, this includes China's booming express delivery industry. Cummins has a secret weapon based on the engine's superior performance, which is the Cummins C-Link remote intelligent service system .

Cummins C-LINK system
Cummins C-LINK system

During the "Double 11" period, the Cummins C-Link team sent 5 teams to the point courier company to provide 24-hour real-time service for more than 1,300 transport vehicles equipped with Cummins ISD 6.7 engines by Best Express and Yunda Express. The Cummins C-Link system installed in these vehicles can monitor and alert remote fault data. This is an important support for Cummins to provide active services for users. Not only does it help service personnel quickly troubleshoot failures, but its early warning function also helps prevent the occurrence of failures, thereby maximizing the trouble-free operation of the vehicle. It can be said that they are the unsung heroes behind the self-willed "double 11".

Traditional service model when the vehicle fails:

Need the driver to feedback to the fleet manager;

Fleet manager feedback to service providers;

Service provider and driver confirm the fault condition;

Service personnel then carry tools for on-site inspections and repairs.

If the driver cannot describe the fault condition accurately, it will result in asymmetric information between the service personnel and the user, resulting in a low rate of repair of the fault and affecting efficiency.

With the Cummins C-LINK system, when a vehicle malfunctions:

The system automatically sends fault messages and mobile phone APP notifications to fleet managers, service personnel, etc. in the background.

Fleet managers and service personnel query detailed information such as fault codes, fault levels, and fault colors in real time, and locate vehicle positions, which are upgraded from passive services to active services.

The new service model can effectively shorten the troubleshooting process, improve service efficiency and a repair rate.

What is the actual situation? Here is our real case in this double 11 service guarantee activity:

On November 12th, 2015, at 05:37, there was a fault in Shanghai DXXXX that could cause a torsion drop. The C-LINK system automatically sent a fault message to the Cummins C-Link station personnel. The station personnel immediately checked the location of the vehicle. The detailed fault information evaluates the fault severity level. After confirming that the fault does not affect the vehicle performance in a short time, both parties agree that the service station will be repaired when the vehicle returns to Shanghai the next day.

Cummins C-LINK System Troubleshooting Customers
Cummins C-LINK System Troubleshooting Customers

At 10:00 am on the 13th, during the unloading of vehicles, the Changfei service station cooperated with Cummins to lift the fault. During the maintenance period, the normal shipment of the vehicle was not affected, and the customer was very satisfied with the manner and effect of this failure treatment. This again confirms the value Cummins C-LINK system creates for users through active services.

As of November 19, under the new service model, the service team found and handled a total of 77 failures, including 12 failures that affected timeliness. Through rapid response and active service, the service team provided effective guarantees for the efficient operation of express delivery vehicles. .

While ensuring vehicle attendance, the Cummins team also discovered opportunities for our express logistics companies to improve vehicle efficiency and improve management methods:

In the express delivery industry, the weight of goods is a key indicator of capacity assessment and cost accounting, but the current use of the express delivery industry is more complicated. By adding the Cummins C-Link system, it is possible to obtain accurate information on vehicle load through calculations without adding sensors, which will greatly liberate manpower and material resources in this field;

During the period of the Double-Eleven activities, the capacity surged. When the newly-increased vehicle and fixed-capacity capacity interact with each other, how to effectively dispatch to improve the turnover efficiency of vehicles and goods is also one of the issues that companies urgently need to solve. To solve this problem, Cummins C-Link system helps the dispatch center to better grasp the operational status of each vehicle through real-time monitoring data of the operating vehicles, thereby more efficiently deploying resources.

Seeing here, do you have a deeper understanding of Cummins C-Link remote intelligent services? This kind of interconnected technology is helping us to increase the efficiency and subtract the cost. What about you?

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