Expert analysis introduces the features of CNC double-head lathes

In recent years, although China's CNC double-head lathe industry has achieved rapid growth and is currently facing good opportunities for development, there are still five major limiting factors in terms of industrial development itself.
1, is the lack of independent innovation. High-speed and high-precision motion control technology, dynamic comprehensive compensation technology, multi-axis linkage and composite machining technology, intelligent technology, high-precision direct-drive technology, and reliable technology still need to be further broken. For a long time, the research on the basic and common technology of the double-headed CNC lathe manufacturing industry in China has mainly stopped at industry-based seminars. Only thin, lack of investment in technological innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption can be poor, independent innovation is not high, lack of outstanding technical personnel. Although the domestic double-headed CNC lathe manufacturers have obtained some advanced numerical control technologies through technology introduction, mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, but lack of research on the basic common technology, ignoring the cultivation of independent development skills.
2, is a high-end numerical control system controlled by people. 90% of China's CNC system needs foreign imports. Although local CNC system manufacturers have fundamentally controlled multi-axis linkage, RTCP (rotary tool center point) three-dimensional tool compensation technology, the high-end numerical control system developed by it can also meet the needs of local users, but compared with foreign products, in the technical level There is still a big gap. The domestic and high-end double-head CNC lathes that can be made in China are more in the assembly and manufacturing process, and generally do not control the center technology. The CNC double-head lathe technology is currently controlled mainly by the three major manufacturers of Japan, Germany, Germany, Siemens and Japan Mitsubishi. The imported high-end numerical control system has monopolized the Chinese domestic market.
3. It is the lagging of key functional components. The development of CNC double-headed lathes mainly depends on the development of high-end numerical control systems and key functional components. China's double-head CNC lathes have a certain range of functional components. Special spindles, spindle units, numerical control systems and other manufacturers are also available. The degree of manufacturing of individual products is close to the international level. However, as a whole, the functional components of CNC double-head lathes are slow, with few types and low level of industrialization. The comprehensive status of accuracy indicators and performance indicators is still not too rigid. In particular, the hysteresis phenomenon of CNC tools is extremely fierce. Due to the small number of domestic tools and low life expectancy, it seriously affects the efficiency of double-headed CNC lathes.
4. It is the irrational industrial structure caused by excessive capacity expansion. In the past two years, the plant expansion and equipment purchase of the double-headed CNC lathe industry have invested heavily and the production capacity has expanded too quickly. Data show that the accumulated investment in fixed assets of the double-headed CNC lathe industry has increased by 54.7% year-on-year, of which equipment and equipment purchases have increased by 54.0% year-on-year.
5. It is the difference between the overall level of the host computer and foreign countries. Although the ratio of domestically produced double-headed CNC lathes increases from time to time, there is a large gap between the host's R&D abilities and the level of product design, accuracy, quality, and performance in the center compared with foreign advanced levels. The medium-to-high-end double-head CNC lathes urgently needed by the market such as machining centers, CNC lathes, fine grinding machines, and special-purpose double-headed CNC lathes mainly depend on imports; there are few companies that can provide complete sets and service for users, and they lack the full set of treatment plans. To undertake more complex engineering general contracting projects; quality and quantity of the stability and reliability are poor.

With the rapid development of industrial automation, automatic capping machine has been widely used. Because of its advanced technology and superior performance, automatic capping machine will become the development trend of Assembly Line industry.

Application characteristics and advantages of Cap Assembly Machine:

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2. stable operation, ensure the smooth production of products.
3. can greatly reduce the cost of production, improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
4. because it is fully automated operation, so the safety performance is relatively high, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

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