Differential pressure delta meter flowmeter installation and maintenance requirements

Delta Tab Flowmeter Installation Requirements:
1. For the type I sensor, the detection rod has been welded to a section of the pipe, and the sensor must be placed in the direction of fluid flow during installation. It is required that the inner diameter of the process pipe coincides with the inner diameter of the sensor, or at least the angle between the axis of the sensor and the pipe axis is as zero as possible, at least within the length required for the upstream straight pipe section.
Other types of sensors insert their detector rods into the process piping. In addition to the total pressure hole, the direction of the flow rate should be correct. The sensor detection rod must be perpendicular to the axis of the process pipe, and the angular pressure deviation of the position is allowed.
The angle between the center of the total pressure hole of the sensor and the axis of the pipe should be less than 7°.
The sensor detection rod is inserted into the bottom along the diameter of the pipe with an angular deviation of less than 7°.
The vertical pipe sensor can be installed at any position along the pipe 360 ​​in the horizontal plane of the pipe. The high and low pressure pipe should be on the same plane as shown in Figure 6(a); when measuring the liquid, it should be installed obliquely to the lower side; When measuring the vapor of the gas, it should be installed obliquely upwards
2, straight pipe section
Since the sensor is based on the velocity area method, the approximate integral theory is used, and more points are used to describe it. The distribution equation is established under conditions of fully developed velocity distribution. Therefore, in order to obtain an ideal distribution, there must be a length of the straight pipe section before and after the sensor. The serial velocity pipe flow sensor installation position upstream side A downstream side B has a rectifier without rectifiers in the same plane and different planes.
1, there is a 90 ° elbow or tee 6D7D9D3D;
2. There are two 90° elbows 8D9D14D3D in the same plane;
3. There are two 90° elbows 9D19D24D4D in different planes;
4, the pipe diameter changes (received or expanded) 8D8D8D3D;
5. Partially opened gate valve, ball valve or other throttle valve 8D8D8D3D.
Note: (1) “D” in the table is the inner diameter of the pipe. (2) In the case of insufficient pipeline section, the upstream should account for 70% of the total length of the pipeline, and the downstream should account for 30%. At this time, a stable indication can be given, but the accuracy is reduced. The device that clamps the sensor should ensure that it does not leak, does not loose, and does not displace.
   Delta Water Flowmeter Maintenance:
The sensor of the Deltaba flowmeter should be cleaned regularly during the overhaul of the process pipeline. There are many ways to clean it. For example, the gas source is used to blow off the accumulated contamination in the test tube; the kerosene and soft wire brush are used to clean the pressure-receiving holes. The cause of the fault may occur and the cleaning method: the reason for the cause of the fault phenomenon.
1. No differential pressure signal output: the high and low pressure valves are not open, and the high and low pressure valves are opened.
2. The high and low pressure balance valve is not tightened: tighten the balance valve
3. The differential pressure signal output is too small: the pressure guiding system has a leak phenomenon; carefully find and eliminate the leak.
4, the secondary meter range is improperly selected: adjust the small differential pressure transmitter upper limit
5. The differential pressure signal output is too large: the secondary meter range is improperly selected, the upper limit of the differential pressure transmitter is adjusted, the back pressure hole is blocked, and the average speed tube is cleaned to eliminate the blockage.

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