Denki developed a refrigerator system for small hybrid trucks

According to reports from Japanese media, Denso has successfully developed a small refrigerator system for hybrid trucks.

It is understood that the old compressor is driven by the power of the engine through a transmission belt. Based on this, the system is equipped with a new electric compressor, which is mainly driven by the electric power stored in the battery pack for hybrid vehicles. Two compressors can be switched automatically when the vehicle is running and stopped. Old compressor driving during driving, signal waiting, etc. The electric compressor drives when the vehicle is stopped. While maintaining the temperature in the freezer compartment and the freezer compartment, the number of vehicle fuel mileage can be significantly increased by idling the vehicle.

This time, the system is also equipped with an external power supply as standard to drive the freezer. When an external power source is used, the use of a motor-driven compressor mounted in a refrigerator system eliminates the need for an electric motor and a compressor, thereby achieving a significant reduction in size and weight of the assembly.

It is reported that the chiller system will be sold through the Denso Sales Company in August 2012, and it is expected that the annual target sales volume will be 150 sets.

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