Definition of magnetic moment and magnetization

Any substance has a molecular current, and the product of the molecular current and the area enclosed by it is called the magnetic moment of the molecular current. which is
m i =ι△s
Where m i — magnetic moment, An·m 2 ;
Ι—molecular current, amp;
△s—the area enclosed by the current, m 2 .
The resultant magnetic moment m of a volume of matter is equal to the vector sum of the molecular current magnetic moments m i , ie
m=∑m i
The magnetic moment of a unit volume of matter is called the magnetization of the substance, ie


d m


Synthetic magnetic moment of m-substance in the formula, An·m 2 ;
V—the volume of the substance, m 3 ;
Μ—magnetization, ampere/meter.
Magnetization is a physical quantity that describes the degree of magnetization of a substance.

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