Dealing with two steps in a used car transaction

In many cities, there is a large used-car market, where there are many sellers and buyers. Among the bustling crowd are brokers of trading platforms. The used car sales information obtained here is also relatively rich, but also can see the physical vehicles, the vehicle information is highly authentic and safe, so Xiaobian will explain the procedures that need to be done after purchasing a vehicle in the used car trading market.


First of all, the inspection and assessment of the vehicle. After the customer decides to purchase a used car, the trading market will appoint a vehicle inspection staff to carry out the inspection of the vehicle under the supervision of the resident police officer. The contents of the inspection include: the engine number of the vehicle, whether the frame number has a trace of modification, whether it is consistent with the rubbing, whether the vehicle color and the device on the vehicle body are the same as those on the driving license, and the main performance of the vehicle is tested. . After completion of these inspections, it is necessary to stamp the “Registration Procedure for Motor Vehicle Registration”. In addition, seals are stamped on the engine number and frame number to indicate that the vehicle inspection is completed. Afterwards, there will be professional appraisers who will evaluate the vehicle price, obtain relevant conclusions through comprehensive estimation, and compile vehicle appraisal books. This is a reference for second-hand car transactions and also a basis for tax payment.

Second, the vehicle trading link, the first trial acceptance and material transfer. In the second-hand car transaction link, the original owner is required to make a written commitment to the real situation of the vehicle, and the transaction management agency needs to collect relevant documents and handle the relevant procedures such as invoicing and signing the contract. The trading center must make a real and effective audit of the license plate and formalities of the vehicles. After the audit, these materials must be sent to the license-issuing agency. These materials need to be sealed up, and the materials must be stamped with official seals.

Finally, transfer and revocation were canceled. During the transfer formalities, these paper materials should be reviewed, and at the same time, check the inventory of the trading center, fill in the “motor vehicle registration business process record sheet” and “motor vehicle registration certificate”, and then print “motor vehicle driving license”. After these documents are returned to the trading center, they will go through relevant procedures such as payment and printing of invoices, and will return all materials and certificates to the car purchaser after confirmation.

When buying second-hand vehicles, people often have complicated procedures, wasting time and increasing unnecessary costs. Now many used car trading markets can help buyers deal with these businesses and save a lot of trouble.

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