Compact garbage truck working principle and description

Cheng Li compressed garbage truck (hereinafter referred to as garbage truck) is a special vehicle that is suitable for the collection, transportation and loading and unloading of urban bagged, barreled, and bulk domestic garbage. Rubbish is pressed into the trunk by the compression mechanism, so that the high density of waste is evenly distributed in...
Compressed garbage trucks (hereinafter referred to as garbage trucks) are special vehicles that are suitable for the collection, transportation, and loading and unloading of urban bagged, barreled, and bulk domestic garbage. Rubbish is pressed into the trunk by the compression mechanism, so that the high-density waste is uniformly distributed in the trunk until it is full. The collection and transportation mode of the compacted garbage truck is the most widely used waste collection and transportation mode in the world, and the function of its special device. All of them are powered by automobile engines, and they are realized by hydraulic mechanisms. The box body, pressure filler and recovery tank of the vehicle are all made of high-quality low-alloy steel plate and fully sealed and welded structure, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, and no secondary pollution. The basic performance of the garbage truck is the same as that of the original chassis truck. Users should refer to the original chassis vehicle manual. This instruction manual only describes the relevant operation, inspection and maintenance of the special modification part. Before using the vehicle, we strongly urge you to read through this manual, and to make it easy to handle the operation procedures. Second, the principle of work garbage into the garbage bin trash, scraper compression mechanism to open, after the compression mechanism down to the end, the scraper to scrape the garbage, the compression mechanism upward garbage into the box, push the box inside the body and Compression mechanism works together to compact the garbage, and the compression mechanism repeatedly presses the garbage to a certain degree. The web is used to push the garbage into the interior of the box to further compact the garbage, and when the compression mechanism cannot continue to press the garbage into the box, Indicates that the garbage in the box has been filled. Third, the basic structure of the structure as shown below: 222.jpg1111.jpg

1. The carriage Cheng Liwei standard compression type garbage truck is welded with 5mm, 4mm and 16Mn steel plates with No. 12 low-carbon alloy channel steel. The box is attached to the chassis of the vehicle by means of an attachment beam. The chassis of the carriage is a fully-sealed structure. All the sewage and compartment water are drained into the tank's recovery tank. In order to avoid corrosion of the cabinet and the car chassis, and to avoid leakage of sewage to the roadside during driving, secondary pollution is effectively prevented. 2. The bucket body, also known as the garbage loader, is composed of a frame-shaped skeleton, guide rails, arc hoppers, scrapers, skateboards, negative pressure plates, and lightweight cover pieces. Through the sequential operation of the scraper cylinder, the slide cylinder and the negative pressure plate, the function of circulating the material in the hopper into the carriage is realized. Eight rollers are installed on both sides of the skateboard. The friction coefficient is low, the strength is high, and micro-oscillations can be made to ensure long-term use of the guide rails without wear. The loader is a sealing device at the rear of the compartment. The opening and closing actions are achieved by lifting the cylinder, sliding the hinge and locking the limiting device. The bottom of the filler is equipped with a recovery tank. The accumulated water in the compartment and the excess water in the hopper flow into the recovery tank. When discharging, the sewage in the recovery tank can be discharged completely. 3, the hydraulic system uses manual direct operation of hydraulic multi-way valve, hydraulic system consists of fuel tank and filter system, oil pump, multi-way valve, one-way throttle valve, fuel tank, tubing and other components. The power of the system comes from the engine. The power is separated by a power take-off device. The power take-off device drives the gear pump. The gear pump sucks the hydraulic oil through the oil suction filter and supplies the multi-way valve with oil. When the multi-way valve is working, the negative pressure plate cylinder, the slide cylinder, the scraper cylinder, the lift cylinder or the push plate cylinder are operated. When the hydraulic cylinder is not working, the hydraulic oil returns to the tank directly via the multi-way valve. The system mainly has the following functions: A. Drive the compression mechanism to scrape and compress the garbage; B. The hopper is raised and lowered; C. The push plate is used for pre-compression and unloading garbage, and an ideal environmental product without secondary pollution is realized.
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2:Main specitification

                                 Vertical Honing Machine model M4215,M4215/1




Honing dia




Max honing depth


M4215(400) M4215/1(200)

Spindle speeds




Max spindle travel



Telescopic displacement length of spindle connecting rod



Spindle reciprocation speeds



Distance between the end of spindle and worktable surface after the extending connecting rod



Distance between spindle axis and column face front surface



Worktable trave l( longitudinal /traverse



Worktable surface size



Worktable height



Max working pressure of hydraulic system



Supply flow of coolant pump



Total output



Motor for spindle rotation



Hydraulic pump motor



Coolant pump motor



Machine overall dimensions






Packing dimensions (LXWXH)







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