China developed a new type of valve mechanical code anti-theft lock

In the city's supporting pipe network around the world, the number of valves used in thermal, tap water, gas, liquid transport tankers, petroleum, chemical and other enterprises is huge, but the phenomenon of stolen and stolen valves often occurs, which has become a major concern of governments. Hidden dangers.

To this end, the researchers of Yantai Shuangyu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. of China have developed a special mechanical code anti-theft lock for valves, which can completely solve the problem of stolen and stolen valves. The technology has obtained the invention patent granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. The valve password anti-theft lock has the functions of anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-pull, anti-opening, etc. Each lock can be set with different passwords. When the valve is set to open or close, the valve hand wheel is idling. When the valve setting state is changed as needed, the valve hand wheel and the valve stem are connected after the code is adjusted to realize the rotation of the valve stem. The valve stem is protected by a jacket, and other special tools cannot rotate the valve stem.

Our pendular Granulation Machine is special equipment used to pelletize wet powdery materials into granules by sieve under the rotation of roller. It features easy operation and low power consumption. Its parts in direct contact with materials are made of stainless steel, so our Pendular Granulation Machine is easy to clean.

Pendular granulation equipment is a heavy duty Granulating Machine, and it is suitable for materials with high viscosity.

The pendular granulation machine is widely used to make granules in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is also suitable for dry caked powdery materials. 

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