China's ground source heat pump system technology breakthroughs

As the first project of independently perforating and embedding soil heat exchangers under the buildings, Beijing Wan Guo Cheng's ground-source heat pump air-conditioning system project is under construction in an orderly manner. This project is attracting more and more international attention. The first International Ground Source Heat Pump Association installer training also chose this project as a training case. Not only that, Xu Yun-sheng, chairman of the China Geothermal Heat Pump Association's China Committee, believes that the Wan Guo Cheng Project is a milestone in the development and application of ground-source heat pumps.

One of the ten architectural wonders

"The project of Wan Guo Cheng has been selected as one of the ten new wonders of China's construction by the US Business Week Magazine." Liu Wei, deputy general manager of Beijing Huaqing Geothermal Development Co., Ltd., the project manager of the project, said at the time that " The project is under construction in an orderly manner and heating will be achieved this winter. In the course of implementation, we have overcome numerous technical difficulties. This project is not only the first one in China to embed soil heat exchangers under buildings, The scale of application is also the first case.

On September 28, I happened to meet with the first International Geothermal Heat Pump Association installer training class during the interview at the construction site of Wan Guo Cheng Project. According to reports, the first installation of the International Association of Ground Source Heat Pumps Training Institute is the choice of Wan Guo Cheng project as a training case.

"This method of drilling seems simple but very practical." One of the participants in the training course told reporters: "It used to be thought that drilling would require that kind of large-scale professional drilling machine, but they used a bit of skill, Such a complicated project can be carried out with a few simple two or three supports. "What appears to be quite simple, however, is the locally suitable drilling rig selected by Huaqing Geothermal Company from a number of drilling tests on 56 drilling rigs. The project At the same time more than 40 rigs peak construction to ensure the progress of the project.

According to reports, throughout the project, the number of soil heat exchangers vertically buried in the air-conditioning system is 655, the hole depth of 100 meters, the soil heat exchanger are all arranged below the second floor of the building underground garage. Liu Wei told reporters that after some of the ground source heat pump projects are generally buried in high density polyethylene pipe and other open areas, the load bearing pressure is relatively small. As the project of Wan Guo Cheng needed to place HDPE downstairs, the technical difficulty suddenly increased.

"However, we have overcome the difficulties and solved this problem very well." Liu Wei said that the entire system was designed and constructed to provide ground-breaking solutions to the waterproofing of soil heat exchangers through the floor and to the soil heat exchanger during construction Many problems such as the disturbance of the heat transfer hole to the substrate not only set a precedent for the design and construction of the ground source heat pump system embedded in the building below the soil heat exchanger, but also have a leading position in the world.

1 piece of electricity to get 5 copies of energy

"In fact, there are similar ground-source heat pump projects overseas, but such large-scale implementation as the Gwangju City has yet to be implemented." Xu said, "If the last success of the Wan Guo City project is clearly a milestone, this industry will have a huge impact Because the geothermal field of application will be greatly expanded, land resources are scarce, and there are not enough sites for urban areas where soil heat exchangers are embedded in the urban areas. Ground-source heat pump technology can be applied to implement and promote the urban resource-intensive downtown buildings Environmental protection and energy play a catalytic role.

According to reports, the most basic principle of ground-source heat pump is to use the heat pump to remove the underground heat for building heating. In short, the most energy-saving feature of a ground-source heat pump is that in winter heating, you can get 4 or more calories by inputting 1 calorie, and 5.5 calories by inputting 1 calorie in summer.

"The cost of ground source heat pump investment than the average input of tens of dollars per square meter, so the initial investment of developers is relatively large.
Liu Wei revealed to reporters, "After, developers do not have to invest much money, and its operating costs much lower than ordinary HVAC. "
In fact, as one of the clean energy sources, ground source heat pumps have also been supported by the state policy. According to the policy of Beijing Municipality, all kinds of projects under construction in Beijing area and the heat pump system are selected for heating and cooling system, one-time subsidies are arranged from the investment in fixed assets in Beijing according to the construction area approved by the municipal planning commission. The subsidy standard is Source heat pump 50 yuan / square meter.

"Coupled with the state subsidies, developers choose to use ground source heat pump input and ordinary heating and cooling system input is not much difference." Liu Wei believes that "and, after the completion of the project, operating costs are very low. And coal Compared to the boiler project, this project will achieve energy savings of 30%. "

"The United States also has policy support on ground source heat pumps, but there is no major domestic support." Xu said, "The preferential policies of the United States are based on the tax deduction and exemption, and the domestic subsidies are directly given to the funds. However, if domestic geothermal development is mature In the future, related subsidies may also be gradually reduced. "

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