China's civil air defense engineering construction enters the era of green lighting

Recently, the application research of LED lighting technology for civil air defense engineering led by a design institute of the General Staff Engineering Corp. won the second prize of the Army Science and Technology Progress Award. The technology with independent intellectual property rights has been successfully applied to more than 10 personal defense projects nationwide, marking the road to green lighting in China's civil air defense engineering construction.
According to reports, the team of experts of the Institute has worked hard for more than two years to develop more than 10 types of LED intelligence with high protection level, vibration resistance, power saving 60 and 10 times longer service life than traditional lighting fixtures. The lamps and lanterns have won 6 national utility model patents and 2 national design patents.
Take a human-resistant garage with 600 lights as an example. If you use LED smart lights instead of traditional fluorescent lamps, you can calculate the power saving rate as high as 86.67 by highlighting 8 hours and 16 hours of low light every day. The annual energy saving is more than 180,000 yuan. Guo Liping, the project leader, calculated the account with the author. A medium-sized city has a 50-person anti-garage calculation. The country can save 910,000 kWh of electricity every year, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 7,900 tons.

Manganese Steel Plate Cutting Machine

Cutting mode: Laser cutting

Suit material: carbon steel, alloy steel, galvanized plate, stainless steel, copper plate, aluminium plate, steel tube, copper pipe, aluminium pipe etc. sheet stock.

1.Product describe

Fast cutting spead, high working efficiency and high stability, it is a high-tech equipment that set one of fiber laser technology, CNC technology and high-tech equipment.

2. Product features

Imported with original packaging servo motor and reducer, bilateral drive, high operating speed and high precision.

Can remote operation, convenient and efficient, save labor.

Imported cutting head, optical glass, focusing is convenient and cutting perfect.

Fiber transmission, no need to adjusted the optical circuits, focal spot is more smaller.

Adopted auto lubrication system, auto dual-temperature control syatem, convenient and efficient.

High precision grinding guide rail, gear and rack, precision class up to ±0.02mm.

3.Product parameters



Effective cutting width ( mm)


Effective cutting Length ( mm)


Circular tube diameter ( mm)


Square tube size ( mm)


Range of vertical stroke ( mm)


Input power


Cutting thickness ( mm)


Cutting speed ( mm)

21000 (1000W/stainless δ1mm)

Idle speed ( mm)


Maximum Acceleration (G)


Position repeat accuracy ( mm)


Laser power (w)


Drive mode

Precision rack bilateral drive

Laser wavelength ( nm)


Cooling mode


Environmental temperature


Cutting material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet

4. Cutting samples


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