Beneficiation of sulfur ore

There are not many examples of natural sulfur ore dressing . At present, only the 1t/d scale flotation method intermediate test results of the Lianyungang Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry on the Sulphur Shangangou mining area in Tianjun County, Qinghai Province were collected. The main constituent minerals are: natural sulfur, gypsum , quartz , chalcedony and so on. The intermediate test used a mixture of four types of ore as the research object, containing 52% sulfur, flotation fineness -200 mesh 84.84%, and flotation concentration 22%. Adding 2kg/t water glass and 2# oil 18g/t The following is the intermediate test number and quality flow of Qinghai Ganou sulfur ore beneficiation, which yields 83.89% sulfur concentrate, with a recovery rate of 94.62%. The number of intermediate tests and the quality process are detailed in the figure below.

In addition to the natural sulfur ore tailings after refining sulfur, from about 15% sulfur, coal plus oil 83.35g / t dressing, available sulfur crude concentrate of 61.23%, 72.08% recovery.

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