Analysis and troubleshooting of seven types of stainless steel submersible pumps

Stainless steel submersible pump has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, sanitation, energy saving and environmental protection, non-blocking, large flow rate, strong flow capacity and other characteristics. It is widely used in drainage of medicine, environmental protection, food, chemical industry and power.

First, the reasons and treatment methods of insufficient flow or water out of stainless steel submersible pumps during operation:

1. The installation height of the stainless steel submersible pump is too high, which makes the impregnation depth of the impeller insufficient, resulting in a drop in the water output of the pump.

2. The water pump is turned in the opposite direction. Before the water pump is put into trial operation, the motor should be idled, check the steering to make it consistent with the water pump; if the above situation occurs during use, check whether the power supply phase sequence has changed.

3. The water outlet valve cannot be opened. Inspect the valve and perform frequent maintenance on the valve.

4. The water outlet pipe is not smooth or the impeller is blocked. Clean up obstructions in pipelines and impellers, and often salvage debris in the cistern.

5. The wear ring on the lower end of the pump is severely worn or blocked by debris. Clean up debris or replace wear rings.

6. The density of the pumped liquid is too high or the viscosity is too high. Find the cause of water quality change and treat it.

7. The impeller falls off or is damaged. Reinforce or replace the impeller.

8. When multiple water pumps share pipeline output, there is no one-way valve installed or the one-way valve is not tightly sealed. Install or replace the check valve after checking the cause.

Second, the stainless steel submersible pump has abnormal vibration and instability. The main reasons are:

1.The foundation bolts of the pump base are not tightened or loose; evenly tighten all foundation bolts
2. There is no independent support for the outlet pipe, and the vibration of the pipeline affects the pump; the outlet pipe of the pump is provided with independent and stable support to prevent the flange of the outlet pipe of the pump from bearing.

3.Imbalance of impeller mass or even damage or loose installation; repair or replace impeller
4. The upper and lower bearings of the pump are damaged; replace the upper and lower bearings of the pump.

Third, the main reasons for stainless steel submersible pumps causing excessive current or excessive temperature of the motor:

1. The working voltage is too low or too high; check the power supply voltage and adjust the transmission voltage.

2. There is friction between the static and dynamic parts in the water pump or friction between the impeller and the seal ring; judge the position of the friction parts and eliminate the failure.

3. Low head and large flow cause the power of the motor to be inconsistent with the characteristics of the pump; adjust the valve to reduce the flow so that the power of the motor matches the pump.

4. The pumping density is high or the viscosity is high; check the reason for water quality change and change the working conditions of the pump
5.Bearing damage; replace the bearings at both ends of the motor
Fourth, the main reasons and treatment methods for the low insulation resistance of stainless steel submersible pumps:

1. When the power cable is installed, the end is immersed in water or the power cable or signal cable is damaged, causing water ingress; replace the cable or signal cable and dry the motor.

2. The mechanical seal is worn or not installed in place; replace the upper and lower mechanical seals and dry the motor.

3. O-ring is aging and loses effect; replace all seals and dry the motor.

Fifth, in stainless steel submersible pump pipelines, pipelines or flange connections, there are often obvious reasons for water leakage and treatment methods:

1. The pipeline itself is defective and has not undergone a pressure test;

2.The gasket joint at the flange connection is not processed well;

3. The flange bolts are not tightened in a reasonable way; defective pipes should be repaired or replaced. The center of the butted pipe should be removed and rearranged if the center is too large. After alignment, the connection bolts should be inserted and tightened in a basically free state After all the pipelines are installed, the system's pressure strength and leakage test should be performed. Must be replaced with a new one.

Six, stainless steel submersible pump internal leakage:

When a submersible pump leaks water, it causes insulation damage, bearing water immersion, and the alarm system alarms, forcing the unit to stop running.

The main reason is that the submersible pump's dynamic seal (mechanical seal) or static seal (special seal for cable inlet, 0-type seal ring) is damaged, causing water leakage, and the power cable or signal cable is damaged, causing water leakage. Various alarm signals such as water immersion, leakage, humidity and other alarm shutdown; check the quality of each seal component before installation; ensure that the end faces of each seal component are in good contact during installation; check the phase-to-phase and ground insulation resistance of the motor before operation Whether the sensing components of the system are intact. When the above failure occurs during operation, replace all damaged seals and cables and dry the motor. Do not reuse the removed seals and cables.

Seven, stainless steel submersible pump reversed:

1. The pump will reverse after the pump motor is powered off, the main reason is that the check valve or flapping door in the outlet pipe fails.

2. Elimination measures should be checked before installation. The check valve should be installed in the correct direction. The center of the shutter should be aligned. The opening and closing should be flexible. Check the check valve or flap door frequently during operation, repair or replace the damaged check valve or flap door for damaged parts.

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