Agricultural drying tower solves corn dehydration problem

Drying equipment

“We have invested a total of 2.2 million yuan to build the corn drying tower in the 26-member group and chose to settle in the Sunk Farm because of the abundance of corn resources. We can purchase large quantities of high-quality, storage-resistant maize here. Workers sell corn to provide convenience, so as to achieve the purpose of a win-win situation.” Beian Nongken Zhongxin grain oil trading company responsible person said to the author.

This year, the farm has tried its best to attract foreign capital and technology. Through the way of attracting investment, the company will make the company stay in the grassroots units of the farm, invest in building a corn drying tower, increase agricultural anti-risk facilities, and increase the storage capacity of corn. At present, the number of corn drying towers on the farm has reached seven, the total construction investment is 16 million yuan, and the total daily processing volume can reach 2,500 tons. At the same time, it also introduced a corn raw grain processing project with an annual processing capacity of 15,000 tons. The construction of the drying tower and the development of the grain processing industry have provided guarantees for the sale of grain, which not only solved the problem of difficult corn dehydration , but also greatly mobilized the enthusiasm for planting by the employees and laid a solid foundation for the increase of workers' income.

Die Forgings - Forging Parts

Die forging is one kind of forging parts. 

Forging can produce the work piece which is stronger than an equivalent cast or machined part. 

Forging parts is mainly for steel parts , which with higher requirement on strength and density. 

This way is with advantages of higher pressure, better density and better surface compared with casting parts and Machined Parts

Other advantages from my factory:

1. High and stable quality.

2. Short lead time.

3. Strict control on raw material sourcing and after production inspection. 

Forging parts

die forgings

Die Forgings

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